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Have a look to probably the most extensive collection of  Aberlour miniatures:                          on my 92  ob + 17 ib Aberlour miniatures collection

> if you have a more extensive collection of Aberlour miniatures,                  or if you know somebody, who should have one, please let me know !!

Internal Links to my collections:

to display of my collection of Aberlour regular bottles

to my collection of Aberlour regular bottles (83 + 18 )in pictures

to my collection of Aberlour regular bottles as Excel sheet

to my collection of Aberlour related items ( glasses, jugs, souveniers etc ... )

Do you know > White Heather <  Blended Whisky ?

Some Distillery impressions (photographs)

A little something about Aberlour Distillery history: 

Curios enough, there exist 3 different dates of foundation of Aberlour Distillery: established by James Gordon and Peter Weir in 1826,1828 was mentioned as year of  foundation on an Aberlour bottle first, followed by 1845. In 1879 James Flemming built a new distillery about 1 mile away from the old site.       In 1892 sold to R.Thorne & Sons, owner until 1920, in this time (1894) one of the first known bottlings    as Pure Malt appeared.                                                                                                                                   In 1898 main parts of the distillery were distroyed by fire, rebuilt later on.                                                  From 1917 to 1919  Aberlour was closed for nearly two years.                                                                       In 1920 Aberlour was sold to W.H.Holt & Sons, owner until 1942, after a short period owened by               James Donald Stewart (as a closed distillery), Aberlour was sold in 1945 to Clan Campbell,                    owner until 1974, followed by Groupe Pernod Ricard until today.                                                          

Much more informations you will find on the Aberlour Homepage                                                                 or in the most informative book : Aberlour, Single Malt Whisky Collector’s Guide> www..cluaran.de  

> if you like to get some more information about Aberlour, about the Whisky range , to see al lot of pictures, follow this Link to “ The Whisky Store “ Aberlour Site. 

Click to the image above to find out which Awards Aberlour has won since 1986